Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dumb Question

Some time ago, I forget how long, in an issue of the Reader’s Digest there’s a comment about stupid questions. The guy is asking if there is no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask.
My first response was to repeat a quote from my high school trigonometry teacher, who said, “There are no stupid questions . . .”
Then I remembered an event during my junior high years.
My family had just moved to a house out in the country and it was our first day on the bus. My twin sister and I were sitting together when a high school boy sat on the seat in front of us, faced us, and said, “You two look a lot alike. Are you related?”
“We’re twins,” I said. Duh! We’re identical.
“Oh, really! Wow!” he said then looked me in the eye. “What’s your name?”
I gave both my sister’s name and mine, knowing she’d be uncomfortable answering, since everyone on the bus was paying attention by now, even the driver. The high school boy thought that over a second then, still addressing me, asked, “Where you born?”
I answered.
He then turned to Konnie and asked her the same question. She answered then he turned back to me and asking, “When’s your birthday?” while snickering started around us.
I answered again.
He again turned Konnie repeating his question. The snickers turned into giggling. Once she answered, he turned to me and asked, “How old are you?”
I answered yet again.
Then he again turned to my sister, opened his mouth, and asked, “And how old are you?”
I think he was glad the bus driver had pulled up to his stop at that point, because everyone broke out in loud guffaws. And I doubt he’s ever lived it down, since his sister was still laughing as she walked into their house.
I’d try to make him feel better by saying he’s not the only one, but I’m afraid, people are more apt to make the same stupid wisecrack about there being two of ME, than they are to launch into a ridiculously stupid duplicate third degree.
That isn’t too say I haven’t received other queries about my twin-ness, I’m just saying no one else has been so stupid as to query both us about our shared stats.
The most frequently asked question has always been, “What’s it like to be a twin?”
Unfortunately, they never like my answer, but that’s another topic. J
Anyway, maybe there’s only one person stupid enough to voice a stupid question, and I was present to witness his downfall. J

Or do you know of any others?


  1. I don't look at them as stupid questions, just that some people don't think before they speak.