Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rest In Peace by BL Hamilton

It’s January again, and the second anniversary of Tom’s death was only a few days ago. I’m also back to having trouble concentrating and spending more time watching Gilligan’s Island than doing anything else.

Of course, it doesn’t help that we lost Bob Denver this last week.
Actually, this last week, with all the high profile deaths, most of those from cancer, hasn’t exactly made the week a fun time for me. Cancer took my beloved Tom. It’s hard to think about all those other people suffering and dying that way.

And of course, I’ll miss them.

In fact, I think, after I’ve finished watching all three seasons of Gilligan’s Island, I might just watch Harry Potter. And if I had any Eagles CD’s (really wish I did) I’d listen to all my favorite songs by them. I do have some Crosby, Stills, and Nash CD’s, so I could listen to them. We lost one of their members this week too. I also wish I had the old TV series Grizzly Adams on DVD. And that isn’t even half who we lost this past week.

But death is part of life, and how we deal with it is part of who we are.

Personally, ever since Tom’s death I keep finding myself preferring to watch to Gilligan’s Island around this time of year. They say laughter is the best medicine. Personally, I think it has helped me cope and keep going. Sometimes it does help to forget our problems and just laugh. It’s not as if you’re forgetting they exist, or trying to bury the memory. As I said, finding something to laugh about helps you cope. For me that’s Gilligan’s Island.

A good belly laugh never hurt anyone.

But all this has gotten me thinking about my stories. I’ve never been any good at humor, and I find all my characters are rather serious. Very rarely do they laugh. Let’s face it, I haven’t got much humor in any of my writings, and it’s certainly something I can work on. I need to at least try to give my characters something to laugh about at least sometimes, because everyone should laugh sometimes.

So how about it? Do your characters laugh sometimes?

Or do you have some tips to help me fix that problem in my writings?

Happy writing everyone. J

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