Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Song Title Inspiration by BL Hamilton

Have you ever considered titles to songs and imagined the stories to go behind them?

I have. I not only think it’s fun, it sometimes spurs the muse. I say sometimes because there is one song title that I think would make for an interesting story. Maybe a YA romance, but I’ve yet to concoct a story to go behind it.

That song is “Frog Kissing.

And yes, I know that kind of dates me, but not really, since I learned this song because it was in my father’s collection.

But anyway, I think this song title would make for a cute book title. Just have to figure out a story to go with it.

I actually think there are a lot of song titles or songs that could and should inspire some full-fledged stories, more than the few that have done that.

“The Gambler,” “Coward of the County,” and “Convoy” I know were made into movies, but I’m not talking movies; I’m talking books, novels even. And I got to wondering if any other writers felt the same way.

Have any of you been inspired by a song? Have any of you used a song title as working title for your work in progress?

I can answer yes to both of those, since I have been. My one song title/working title is “On The Wings of Love,” which of course lends itself real well to a romance novel.

Now, can any of you name a song title that inspired a story of yours?

Happy writing everyone J!


  1. The title of your post made me think of this song and it was very hard to track down because of a Chicago Album...

    "(You're My) Soul And Inspiration"
    (Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil)

  2. Yeah, that is nice one! I like it too.

  3. I have the beginning of a novel (just the beginning, because we all know I never finish anything), based on songs by Lucinda Williams. Her song, "Are you alright?" fits into a scene that gives me shivers.

    Maybe someday I'll actually write the darn thing!

  4. Its nice that we find inspiration for our novels in music. I hope you finish someday, but I'm not I want to read it, Audrey.

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  6. "The Nearness of You" inspired a story character, although it has little in common with the story itself.

  7. ♫ “Froggie went a-courting and he did ride, Uh-huh…” ♫

    BL, I thought of this one straight away: was it Burl Ives??? :) LOL

  8. As a more 'serious' [??? Who, me??] comment ... I always seem to find songs (esp. titles) intruding when I'm writing. I drive some of my friends to despair by tossing song titles at them during general chat (particularly electronic 'chat') but sometimes it proves useful.

    If you remember my 'crit chat' excerpt about the kids who find cash hidden in an old rocking horse, I'm working on an alternative Script telling the tale in the form of a Rock Opera...

  9. I'm not sure I know that song, Sarah, but it sounds like excellent inspiration!

  10. Paul, it was Burl Ives, and I've that about throwing song titles into the conversation.

    As for your story about the rocking horse, go for it! And good luck.