Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oh What is Sleep? By Konnie Enos

I did a silly thing at bedtime last week. I bought a book.
In the Writer’s Chat room we recently had the Crossover Alliance, a couple of their authors, come speak to us, and one of them had a new book come out that day.
I was intrigued.
Since I didn’t win a copy, I decided to buy, and I started reading.
I purchased and opened it (on my kindle) about ten  and, it was nearly seven in the morning  before I finished it. I never put it down.
I was entranced by the characters and wanted to find out what happened to them, how it all ended.
It’s been a long time since I’ve very literally read a book cover to cover all in one night without getting any sleep or other breaks in the process, this book was that good.
Of course if you don’t much care for the dystopia genre you may not find it as appealing. But this is was even more so because it wove strong elements of religion into it.
It was a well-crafted and well told story.  
If you like dystopia stories and can handle the less then gentle subject matter, which she handled skillfully, this is a wonderful story to delve into.
December’s Child by DA Williams. I’m told it’s her first published book. We should all encourage her to write more.
And since I’m recommending books, I might as well put in a good word for one I read some time ago and hope the author writes more. This one was a fantasy and I found it quite absorbing, though I’ll have to admit I didn’t get the opportunity to read it all in one sitting. I did read it as quickly as I could.
It was also an engaging story with captivating characters. I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened to them.
Fatal Heir was written by L.C. Ireland. It’s her first published book and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work.
I’m sure I’ll hear from her. I happen to know one of her aunts really well. Or more accurately the wife of one of her uncles, as in my sister, Bonnie.
Now I have plenty of things to do today since I spent so many hours hidden in a book.
Smile. Make the day a brighter day.

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