Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hoping for a Better New Year by Konnie Enos

With this year ending I’ve seen many posts on Facebook exclaiming how grateful the person is that it’s almost over. I’m getting the impression that it’s been a horrible year for a lot of people.
I think I’ve been lucky since my year has been rather normal for me, but I can’t say the same for the rest of my family. Several family members have had their computers die for some reason yet to be explained. Then there is all the health issues cropping up. One time, and only once, I had a car dump me in the middle of the road, though that car dumped my husband a couple of times. We’ve also lost pets unexpectedly in the last year.
However, all things considered, I think we’ve faired this year fairly well.
Now my sister is another story.
I don’t think the start of her year was too horrible, but since about June she has literally had one thing after another. From her father-in-law dying to her car being totaled (not her fault), and she’s either been sick or in pain, unable to walk since June. Right now, on top of all that, she also has a concussion (from the accident). If anyone needs 2016 to be over with, it’s her.
Though at the moment 2017 isn’t looking up for her.
Being on a fixed income she was hoping the promised pay increase would help her budget, as we were. Yeah, thanks so much for the 0,3% raise. Seriously! Less the half a percent of a raise! After three years without one. Most people on SSI are getting maybe a dollar raise.
That’s right. One dollar. Then they also increased the cost of insurance premiums which will totally wipe out that raise, and then some.
So not an auspicious start for 2017.
I’m hoping that 2017 will bring better things and for my sister her health will improve as she gets her life back together.
For everyone else out there that has had a lousy year, I can only wish you a better one this next year.
I for one have had my ups and downs, but that is what life is all about and I’m muddling through.
I still have my family around me and this house to live in. And it’s still teeming with animals. We’re actually doing okay.
Now if we can just figure out this computer issue so everyone has one again and we can all get the work done we need to without juggling computers, well that would be good.
What’s that old Disney song, at least a line of it? ‘Think happy thoughts, any happy little thought’s’. Maybe if we all think happy thoughts this next year will be better.
So think positive.

Smile. Make the day a brighter day.

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