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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Brainstorming and life

Dang! It's Wednesday morning again, and I’m again caught without a post. And I’d like to blame my busy life, but the fact is the last couple of days I have been mulling over a problem I’m having with my WIP, and not getting very far writing wise.

I also totally forgot until this morning that it was my turn to post.
Have you ever had days like that? One where you wake up and realize you’ve completely forgotten something you needed to do?
I thought it was bad the time I woke one morning and realized that my sister-in-law had an appointment the day before, and we’d both spaced it. (Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen again.)

But this time I spaced it because I was staring at the screen trying to figure out how to fix a problem in my manuscript before it came up. Yes, I said before. The other day I realized if my heroine resorts to the tactics I was planning for her to use “to get the hero’s attention,” he was going to blow his top. So far, I’d been thinking of my heroine’s future actions while totally forgetting the hero’s backstory. Not good.

But this wasn’t changing what I already had written to fit the story it was reworking how I moved forward, to fit the story.
And while I did that, everything else went by the wayside, chores, errands, and my blog post. :)

So, how many of you sometimes spend way too much time cogitating on scenarios for your stories and forgetting about all the other things, you need to be doing?

Happy writing everyone!