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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The New Racism by Konnie Enos

I recently came across an article online by Michael Cantrell about liberals and their desire to create a new tax (
After reading what he had to say I found myself wondering at the audacity of liberals to think that such an idea could possibly help race relations.
How is signaling one group of people out based on something that is genetic and taxing them for it going to IMPROVE race relations?
Think about that for a moment.
IF your government decided your skin color meant you could afford to pay more in taxes, how are you going to feel about it? What is it going to do to these people who are living on welfare? In section 8 housing? Subsisting on WIC and SNAP benefits and just barely getting by?
Don’t tell me people fair skinned people aren’t poor. I’ve spent most of my life on welfare and living in subsidized housing. The home I live in now I got through Habitat for Humanity and is in a neighborhood that was historically a restricted poor black neighborhood.
Our finances might be better now but we still have months were the month last longer than our money does.
A tax like this is going to hurt my pocketbook.
And it’s not going to help the people with more pigmentation either.
I sincerely doubt the government would actually put this tax money to use in helping underprivileged people (clearly not since so many of them lack pigmentation).  
The goal of the liberals is to erase racism, but you can't do that by being a  racist.
Taxing people based on the amount of pigmentation they have is as bad as selling them as slaves based on the same criteria.
Just STOP judging people based on their genetics at all.
I think Michael Cantrell said it very well. I quote from his previously mentioned article:
“It’s time we acknowledge that yes, racism does exist, and yes, it’s a real problem, for EVERYONE. We should be committed to overcoming this obstacle to our unity. Doing so requires all people to begin focusing on the content of a person’s character rather than their outward appearance.
Punishing someone for their skin color is a step back, not a step forward, something that should be clear to anyone who uses the word “progress” to sum up their political philosophy.”
I’ve already posted a few times about racism and how we need to be a united country, not a divided one (my posts dated 5-20-15, 7-29-15, and 6-29-16). It’s time we as a nation started to work together and stop judging people by the amount of pigmentation they happen to have.
I’m going to end with my normal close because I hope it will help to make a better world.

Smile. Make the day a brighter day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Racism Part 2

Back in May I posted my thoughts on racism but recently I saw this post on Facebook:                             I’m proud to be black; said a black man.

            I’m proud to be Asian; said an Asian man.

            I’m proud to be white; said a racist.

I read this and I thought really? How racist can this world get? I will repeat what I said then, judging a person as racist simply because they lack pigmentation is racist.

Honestly, what is wrong with a person being proud of who they are as an individual, no matter how much pigmentation they may or may not have? Being proud of who you are does not mean you think of yourself as superior, it just means you’re not ashamed of who you are, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Really read that statement above. If it’s okay for the black and Asian man to be proud of who they are, why can’t the white man be proud? Can’t people see how blatantly racist it is to say this behavior is fine for this group of people, but this group can’t do it because they lack enough pigmentation?

Why can’t we all be equally proud of who we are as individuals and show respect for everyone else? When are we going to stop judging people by their appearance and start realizing who they are by their actions?

Remember actions speak louder than words.

In the biblical story of the Good Samaritan it wasn’t the Jewish ecclesiastical leaders who stopped and helped that battered and beaten Jew, but the Samaritan. This was a man despised by the Jews, and he went above and beyond the call, not only getting him aid, but taking him to shelter, caring for him and paying to insure his care continued.

It doesn’t matter what races you put in this story. It’s about one man helping another. The Samaritan didn’t think about the differences in their religion, race or anything else, he simply saw another HUMAN BEING needing help.

We need to stop defining how good or bad someone is by the amount of pigmentation they might have, or where they might have been born, or what religion they might practice and start realizing we’re all HUMAN BEINGS. Our differences don’t need to make us enemies.

I’ve also said before, no two people are exactly alike. I’m telling you now that this world would be a rather boring place if we were.

So come on world, let’s stop reviling people for our differences and start respecting them. Our differences make this world run.

Not everyone has the skills, intelligence and knowledge to lead nations.

Not everyone has the talent to entertain us with laughter and music.

Not everyone can sooth a troubled heart.

Not everyone has the patience to teach a small child how to tie his shoe.

Not everyone knows how to knit, or sew, or cook, or write, or sing or dance. Name your talents here. Not everyone can do it. All of us must work together to see that everything runs smoothly.

But most of all, let’s stop assuming that because someone with little or no pigmentation is proud of the individual they are, that they are racist. I rather like myself but I don’t think of myself as better than anyone else so I can’t be racist and I don’t want to be judged as such simply because of my clear lack of pigmentation.

Please think, don’t judge.

Smile. Make the day a brighter day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Over the last several months I’ve heard more and more stories of people being labeled racist simply because they were born with less pigmentation than others. That’s it. No other reason other than the lack of pigmentation.
Not because they’d done anything mean, illegal or blatantly rude to anyone who happened to have more pigmentation than they did, but simply because of their lack of pigmentation.
In one case a judge told a three year old victim of a crime that the criminal, who happened to have a great deal of pigmentation, didn’t deserve a tough sentence for the crime of terrorizing this little three year old because the three year old was racist. Why? You guessed it. That poor child didn’t have enough pigmentation.
Now I’ve looked up the definition of racist, just to make sure I wasn’t forgetting what I learned all those years ago back in school, but according to racist and or racism means feeling your race is superior to another race.
So the amount of pigmentation someone has cannot possibly determine whether or not they are a racist or not. Their actions and words can, though.
And when I was in school the first thing they taught me to determine a racist is someone who judged someone based solely on the amount of pigmentation they had.
So calling me a racist simply because I lack said pigmentation would make you the racist, not me, because I’m not the one judging you on the amount of pigmentation you have. I’m judging your words and actions.
So everyone out there who are blessed with a great deal of pigmentation, not everyone who unfortunately lacks pigmentation is judging you on your overabundance of it.
We can however judge you on your actions.
If you are going to rob, steal, beat up defenseless women and children, use vulgar and profane language in public, walk around half dressed and your clothes falling off of you, yeah we can judge that. I don’t care how much pigmentation you have.
If you want to be respected as human beings, act like it.
Respect those around you.
Pull up your pants and clean up your language.
Stop blaming the world for your woes and get a job. If there isn’t any where you live, find a way to better your situation, like going to school and making yourself more employable.
There are people of all levels of pigmentation who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made something of themselves without breaking any laws.
I sincerely doubt Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned the world we have today when he declared “I have a dream”.
He didn’t want those with lots of pigmentation turning the table on those with little, he wanted us all to live together as equals.
But that’s never going to happen if we continue to see an issue of pigmentation, something determined by our genes, as something to divide us.
Pigmentation is only skin deep. Underneath that we are all human beings.

When we can remember that, we will finally achieve equality.