Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bad Day by Konnie Enos

Did you ever have one of those days? You know the kind where either nothing seems to go right or you just can’t seem to get enough energy to tackle the day, or its one disaster after another. Yeah, that kind of day.
Well that was yesterday for me.
It started out as a perfectly normal day around here. Bright and early, before the sun even got up. Then my oldest son complained of stomach pains whenever he moved.
Okay, so maybe he wasn’t going to school and I would be calling the doctor.
I got his brother to school, then his sister to her school, I even managed to call the doctor then my other daughter came into my bedroom with a look of sheer panic on her face trying to get her dad’s attention.
I asked, “What’s wrong?”
“Gunner’s bleeding.”
“What? Bring him here, let me see.”
She called him in and he calmly jumped up on my bed like there was nothing wrong but I easily spotted the gaping gash in his side. I’m sure I yelled, because unlike my daughter who’d been standing right next to him, I was able to get my husband’s attention from across the room.
While I quickly texted Gunner’s Mom (said daughter that I took to school), Dad found his leash and loaded him in the car. We were out the door in minutes.
Of course my daughter was still in class and didn’t get the message until class got out. Normally she’d text me to let me know she was ready to be picked up. This time she called, right as the vet came into the exam room, which set me flying across town to pick her up.
Then there was the mad scramble to figure out how we were going to cover this.
We finally got home from the vets and I had about half an hour before I had to take my son to his appointment. Mind you, I don’t normally take naps, but yesterday, at that time, it was rest or not drive my son to his appointment.
After his appointment I had about an hour before we had to pick up Gunner (after his surgery). You got it, I laid down again.
Not that I got much rest.
My husband laid in bed with me and seemed to think it was a perfect occasion to talk. All my kids (at least the ones who live with me) were home and they each had something they desperately needed to tell me, at least once each. I think one daughter came in at least three times. Then there was the fact that the few times I’d been online yesterday my sister had not been so she hadn’t seen me all day so she called to make sure I was all right.
“Yeah, can I go back to sleep?”
“Okay, maybe if you get some rest I won’t have to take another nap.”
“Don’t count on it, nobody will leave me alone.”
She finally said she was going to go take another nap.
I finally got up to go pick up Gunner, trying to beat the clock because the normal Tuesday night activity for our boys had been moved from the usual seven o’clock time up to six.
Yeah, that’s about the time we got home, but I don’t think my son, the healthy one, even noticed or cared that we didn’t take him.
Now today, I feel sick. That could explain my lethargy yesterday.
Here’s hoping today's a better day.

Smile. Make the day a brighter day.

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