Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Writer’s Block by Konnie Enos

For the last week I’ve known I had to do the post today so I’ve been attempting to come up with a topic while running people hither and thither and otherwise trying to keep my household running.
Yeah, even staring at a blank page didn’t germinate any ideas.
Then this morning, when I was already out of time, driving home from dropping my boys off at school, knowing full well that both my husband and youngest daughter had things to do within the hour so I would not have time to write anything, and idea came to me.
Writer’s block.
That’s what I’m dealing with.
How do you come up with ideas to write when your life is so hectic you don’t have time to think? How do you have time to write when you spend all your daytime hours running people hither and thither or balancing checkbooks or running errands or doling out meds to family members?
And maybe that’s why I can’t come up with a germ of an idea.
I’m so busy I have no time to think.
Right now I have maybe ten more minutes to write before I have to start running people places and I still need to get breakfast. (I’ve been up for hours already.)
Anyway, I racked my brain for days and still came up with a blank page until I decided to write about writer’s block.
And now I’m out of time.
Doctor’s appointments need to be gotten too. Family members have important things to get done that require my assistance, like driving them somewhere. A few bills need dealt with. Finances need done, as always. And sleep might be nice, but I doubt I’ll get any. Too much needs done.
Anybody else have days like this?

Smile. Make the day a brighter day.

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